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I have had the pleasure of working with Dan for several years. Because of Dan’s guidance and insight, I am reaching my life’s goals. Dan speaks from an inner place of wisdom and experience when assisting people with personal growth. I feel that Dan is committed to helping those who come to him. He has a great ability to empathize and listen. Dan helped me navigate through some very difficult emotional growth. I will definitely continue to work with Dan as a mentor in my journey of self-discovery.    — T.R.

I had the determination to discover my place in the reality of my life but found myself lost without someone to discuss it with and to offer guidance. I found Dan to have the essence of an objective person but with compassion to give me balance in a life that was giving me no peace. Dan helped me on a journey to growth and I greatly appreciate his help and patience with me.    — MJD

Dan has been working with me for almost 6 months now.  I have benefited greatly from his guidance and from the simple fact that he seems to truly listen with genuine interest and without judgement.  His down to earth and practical style is accessible and enables me with powerful tools for addressing life's issues, whether they be "good" or "bad", as they arise.
He's helped me to arrive at healthy resolutions in a number of situations which had me otherwise emotionally stumped, so to speak. The experience and knowledge exhibited by Dan gives me more confidence in finding the positive, helpful and kind man inside me which I know I can be. I always look forward to meeting with Dan!  —  J.C.

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