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The Process & Practice

The process of Peaceful Pragmatism is

Reflect - Rethink - Renew. 

The practice of Peaceful Pragmatism is when we incorporate the Reflect-Rethink-Renew process as an ongoing daily lifestyle. We utilize Peaceful Pragmatism in all areas of our life.   Once we have gone through the process the first time and have put our “Renew” plans into action for an appropriate amount of time, we circle back to the “Reflect” stage to gauge our success and go through the process again making any adjustments we see fit.  The result of this practice is we develop more comprehensive perspectives on who we are and what we want to be. It is a loop which allows us to evolve. The goal is for this practice to be a natural reflexive way of life.

Important Note:  There is only one way this process will work to its maximum effectiveness if at all; the single thing which is directly correlated to success is honesty. It is paramount to develop an unwavering sense of honesty with yourself and with me. If you are completely uncomfortable discussing something it is better to not discuss than to be less than completely honest thereby setting yourself on the wrong course of action. Less than honest includes omission. Our sessions are 100% confidential with the exception of potential harm to yourself or others. If after the initial free consultation, we agree there's a fit we can get started right away or schedule a standard appointment for a later time.


Reflect: Reflect is the exercise of looking back at our patterns of behavior, thinking, actions, and habits. The purpose of this initial step is to gain an understanding of what has motivated us and how it affected our lives.  This reflection will be used to gain insight as to what the causation could be for not only the issue at hand, but It is likely this insight will open the door of discovery in the understanding of other areas and associated patterns worth looking at. Once we have developed a workable understanding for the given situation we move into the second stage of the process, Rethink.

Rethink: Rethink is the exercise with the benefit of hindsight. This is
a multi-faceted activity. Not only do we discuss what we have done but we explore what we could have done different which could have possibly avoided the challenges we are now facing.  Perhaps more importantly, this is an opportunity to think about what type of person to we want to be. When we live in the, “now” we are given power in the gift of choice. This where we can affect change in present and search our deepest self to determine which course we wish to take and how we go about it. Perhaps we want to explore spirituality, a new career, physical fitness, healthier relationships etc. —  the choice is ours.


Renew: This is where we put our plans into action. We strike out in the direction we have chosen. We make the changes we believe are necessary to improve our lives and to become to person we have determined want to be in our “Rethink” activities.  As this is new to us, it is to our benefit to understand we most likely will not get it right in our first efforts.  Here we learn about who we really are.  In this stage we more often than not experience the excitement of personal growth.

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