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  • Relationships
    Relationships, in all their varied forms, can be the source of our greatest joy, our greatest heartache and incredible anxiety. They have a life of their own. An understanding of who we are as an individual and how we participate any relationship is the necessary foundation to finding, building, developing and even ending a relationship in a healthy way. Our perspectives can be naturally skewed as we are by definition, more subjective when we are in a relationship. Having an objective, non-judgmental third party to discuss relationships is of great value.  Primary areas Dan maintains a depth of experience in are:

    • Couples

    • Parenting

    • Divorce

    • Dating

    • Friendships

    • Break-ups

    • Maintaining

    • Choosing

  • Personal Growth
    Personal growth is an area we can all use help with.  It covers so many aspects of our daily lives, activities, relationships and emotional-physical-mental-spiritual states.  Working on personal growth is a 100% positive endeavor. We seek, and sometimes find, personal growth through many avenues such as our ups and downs in life, readings, religious practices, friends, meditation, travels etc.  Sometimes it is necessary to have the focused help of another person to determine growth strategies, to kick start ourselves when we let up, to discuss options or just to bounce ideas off.  Primary areas Dan has depth of experience in are:

    • Fear

    • Anger

    • Self Esteem

    • Decision Making

    • Spirituality

    • Life Balance

    • Honesty

    • Self-Examination

    • Motivation

    • Fitness

  • 12-Step Work (for addicted and non-addicted)
    The twelve-step process has been widely adopted to address many variations of addictions and compulsive behaviors such as drugs-alcohol, co-dependency, sex etc. Dan can work with both the addicted and non-addicted to reap the benefits of working a 12-Step program. Wikipedia currently lists thirty-four different 12-Step programs. Dan has been clean and sober since 2005 and has been vigilantly active in the twelve step process the entire time. He is a firm believer the 12-Step process is an opportunity for vast life improvement for all peoples, addicted or not.  If you are not an addict or alcoholic, Dan will be happy to guide you through the 12 steps so you too can reap the benefits of the 12-step program.
    A few of the areas where Dan offers his experience are:
    • Understanding if one needs a 12-Step or other program

    • Explaining addiction to family members and friends

    • Specific step work (NOT in place of a sponsor or a program)

    • Complete 12 -Step program for the non-addicted

The Peaceful Pragmatism process is the main focus in all three areas. If you have needs outside of these areas of focus Dan will be happy to discuss your thoughts and see if he believes he can be of help. The initial appointment will be to discuss what the primary reason is for the seeking SpeakEasy, answer any questions about the process, get to know one another and determine if SpeakEasy is a fit. 


If after the initial free consultation, we agree there's a fit and find we can get started right away or schedule a standard appointment.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Dan’s office is out of his home.  For your convenience and comfort, Dan does offer to make free house calls within a 15 mile radius of his home office. In addition, Dan is also available on video conferencing and on the phone — geography need not be an inhibitor.


***  Session length can be increased per request  ***
12-Step work $60.00/hour for individuals actively working a 12-Step program  ***

FREE initial 15 minute comprehensive consultation.

Refer a client and receive a $20.00 cash referral bonus straight to you.

  • Relationships in all their varied forms can be the source of our great...

    1 hr

    100 US dollars
  • Personal growth covers so many aspects of our daily lives, activities,...

    1 hr

    100 US dollars
  • 12-Step Work for the addicted and non-addicted

    1 hr

    100 US dollars
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